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Eclipse Architecture is a medium sized architectural practice based in central Auckland.

The practice offers experience in the design and implementation of a wide range of building types including: commercial, community, interior, health care, education and residential.

We undertake projects throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific and provide a full range of architectural services including:

  • project analysis and brief development
  • master planning
  • design and documentation
  • interior design
  • contract administration and project management

Eclipse Architecture is a New Zealand Institute of Architects registered practice, a member of the New Zealand Green Building Council and Site Safe New Zealand.


Eclipse Architecture is a service-led practice. We use design as a key tool to add value to our clients business, social or personal goals.

Our approach is holistic and includes background research, analysis of the context and clear development of the brief, design and project outcome.

We strongly believe in the power of communication and in developing a strong and open rapport with our clients and working alongside them to deliver exciting projects that often far exceed their expectations.

We seek to form and model our buildings specific to the particular site and project.

Our goal is to deliver every project to the specified time, cost and quality objectives.

Our practice is dedicated to providing quality service design, superior documentation and project management for our clients, whilst ensuring value for their investment and the delivery of projects which meet standards of excellence.


Our core values revolve around honesty, integrity and respect for others. We seek to protect our community and our environment through the work we do.

Our design values are based on our motivation to serve the needs of our clients and to enhance their business, social and cultural objectives.

We believe human behavior is “joined at the hip” with the built environment.

We therefore believe that good design can influence:

  • the way people feel
  • the way people behave
  • the outputs they generate

A space that supports individual or group endeavor can be the difference between a successful business and an average business, a community that comes together and one that stands apart or a home that joins or a home that fractures.

A space and place must work with the person or group objectives – it must function, support and inspire.


We seek to collaborate with people and organisations of like-minded values, with the objective of forming long-term working relationships.

We have a diverse and well-established client base from various sectors and our clients are assured of the highest standard of professionalism, integrity and accountability for all projects.

Our clients include:

  • Auckland Airport
  • Ministry of Education
  • The Roman Catholic Diocese of Auckland
  • Goodman Properties
  • Southpark Corporation
  • Far North Holdings Ltd.